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     Macrolite Sdn Bhd (MSB) was established in 1994 and has flourished since to become the leading manufacturer, designer and supplier for the Malaysian lighting industry. A one-stop solution center for lighting, we provide a wide array of top-notch lighting products and are well-known for our ability to provide expert consultancy services.


        We go to great lengths to ensure that we create a profound and lasting impression on our clients and their projects; seen through the quality of our products and the commitment of our stuff, coupied with our ability to provide competitively priced products.



     It is our mission to be the most recognizable trading company in the region that exceeds its customers’ quality and price demands through constant evolution and through bringing in new lines of innovative products and unique services to our customers..



      It’s a new innovative toothbrush developed by ZennLab. Designed to increase contact with tooth surface and lifiiting out plaque form even the hardest to reach area.


ZennLab International Pte. Limited is a Company, which dedicated to design, develop and deliver innovative products. As a core of its vision


      DuPont: American Company, which replaced Natural animal bristles with Synthetic fibers, usually Nylon in 1938. It’s a company with a 70 years experience in making bristles for toothbrushes; DuPont is uniquely qualified to be a special partner for oral care marketers and manufacturers around the world.


T-Power Tooth Brush



         Winalite International is a company specializing in the production, research & development as well as marketing of sanitary napkin products. It has a research and development team comprising scores of experts and scholars, a standard manufacturing plant with a total floor area of 100,000 square meters, over 60 sets of fully automated sanitary napkin and raw material manufacturing machines of international standard and an annual output of more than 3 billion pieces of napkin to provide strong assurance for its product quality.

       One of Winalites main product Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkins has spearheaded the innovation of the sanitary manufacturing industry from the provision of 'protection' to the focus on 'healthcare'.





       One of You Trading Co. Core Businesses is “Product Distribution Management” which started earlier in 2013. You Trading Co. is one of the leading distribution companies in the field of foods and healthcare item.


     You Trading Co. has identified strategies and targets based on the principle of achieving customer satisfaction by providing reliability and efficient services. The success story of the You Trading Co​. is a commitment to the distinction in the service and distribution operations.


     You Trading Co​. owns dedicated logistics and sales team for delivery and distribution of products to reach out all segments in eastern, central and western region of Saudi Arabia. You Trading Co​. have employees who are well trained by a distinctive authority of managers having experience and high competence in the distributions.


    You Trading Co. strives to scale new heights by various innovative ideas and strategies, being implemented as part of its growth & expansion.


     For any question & inquiry regarding this services, please give us a call and we'll be happy to serve you.


Import & Export


     One of the many services that You International Trading offers is Import and Export activities, depending on the needs in the market and by staying always up to date to all the market needs and requirement, we always make sure to be on the front-yard of the trade, Our main domain in the world of Importing and Exporting is the Hygienic health care products, as many scientific and statistical researches show the domain we have chosen is the best one, especially in this accelerated industrial environment we are living in.

        It is because of increased demand on such health care supply, many companies only cared about maximizing their revenues rather than making sure that the imported & exported products they promote are the top notch quality needed.


        For any question & inquiry regarding this services, please give us a call and we'll be happy to serve you.

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